VIP Savings
VIP Savings Every DayDeep VIP Discounts on items throughout the store every day. Find the items you need in our monthly VIP flyer.
2percent Cash Back
Cash Back RewardsEarn valuable cash back on most products when you use your VIP account.
Receiptless Returns
Receiptless ReturnsUse your VIP account for receiptless, hassle-free returns.
Buy5 Fish
Buy 5, Get 1 Free!Frequent Buyer Savings on Freshwater Fish under $10. Free fish is from same price category as fish purchased. Category 1: less than $5; Category 2: $5-$10. Every 6th fish within program is free. Not to be combined with any other offer.
Dog Training Classes
Professional Dog Training ClassesSign up today for professional dog training. Check out our Events calendar for a listing of dog training classes at a Pet Life near you.
Self Wash
Self Wash GroomingNeed a wash? Visit our self-wash grooming facilities today!