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Summer is here and so is travel season. Pet Life has everything you need to help make traveling with your pets easier, healthier, and more enjoyable for everyone!

Safety First!

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst: Travel can cause anxiety in pets making them run away when they otherwise never would. Make sure your pets' ID tags have not only current contact information, but also alternative phone numbers like your mobile phone or an email address you can check while on the road. ID tags for your cat or small animal - even if you only use them during vacations - are a good idea.

Special harnesses that latch into automobile lap belts are available and can literally be a life-saver for your dog. Other safety feature items include booster/safety seats that can be latched into your car or pressure mounted dividers that help isolate pets to a smaller section of your car.

Food and water and ...

Keep pet snacks handy for a special treat to help keep the trip interesting. Don't overdo though unless you're sure your pet doesn't get car sick. You should try to keep to your pets' usual feeding schedule whenever possible to minimize stress. A travel container for food, or small pouches with individual servings can help make things easier.

Water is very important during travel - especially in the summer. Keep bottled water with you and take frequent breaks from driving for a drink. Collapsible food dishes and special water bottle toppers can help make this less of a chore.

If your pets are getting enough food and water then... well... you know what comes next. Ample potty break opportunities means less stress for your pets and less clean up for you. Make sure you have disposable bags to pick up solid waste. Bag dispensers are a must-have on any vacation. Pick up a disposable litter box, liners and scoop for cats. Training pads can help soak up any in-car accidents, but be sure to bring paper towels just in case.

Practice, practice, practice

If your pets can't ride around the block without becoming nervous wrecks, then they're probably not going to be any better during a cross-country expedition. Take the time to prepare your pets before your trip. Let them get comfortable with your vehicle in stages: in the driveway, then short trips, then longer ones.

There are various ways to help relieve anxiety, from low-dose medications to Thunder shirts which help make dogs feel more secure.

Most of all - have fun!

Traveling can be just as stressful on people as it is on pets. And boring too! Do things to help make the time pass and make it more enjoyable. A new toy just for the trip might be just the thing. Check out pet friendly hotels and other pet-related destinations to reward good travel behavior.

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