Girl w Bunny

Spring is here, and Easter is right around the corner and that means families will be looking for cute, fuzzy bunnies to adopt into their homes. Pet Life chooses to encourage responsible pet-ownership, and wants to make sure that the bunny you want to adopt is part of a well-thought-out plan and not an impulse purchase. Every spring, local animal shelters see a sharp increase in the number of rabbits they receive – every one of them a gift purchased for the Easter holiday. You can help support Pet Life and our efforts to encourage responsible pet-ownership by reading the information below about questions one should ask when considering the purchase of a new pet.

Everyone loves presents!

Most people love pets.

But that does not always mean that pets make good presents.

Pets are living creatures that deserve care and compassion as well as proper nutrition, housing and enrichment. In the spring, and especially around Easter, stores sell more rabbits then any other time of the year. But within weeks, local shelters are flooded with those same rabbits that were purchased as gifts for the holiday.

Buying a rabbit is a commitment of 5-7 years of daily cleaning, feeding and interacting with your pet. Pet Life chooses to take a stand for responsible pet-ownership, by putting a hold on all rabbit sales beginning the week leading up to Easter, until the Tuesday after. We hope that those extra few days will give prospective adopting families a chance to learn about the commitment they are making rather than buying on impulse.

Our staff is trained to know the requirements for each pet we sell, and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about diet, housing, care, and what you can expect when you adopt.

Care sheets are available for all our pets as well. These outline the basic needs of any pet you might be interested in and contain important information that you should consider before you make a purchase.

Once you have all the information, you should ask yourself these questions:

Am I willing to commit to caring for my pet properly for the rest of its happy life –whether that is 2 years or 20?

Does my budget allow me to afford the proper material for housing and cleaning my pet?

Do I have enough space in my home for the type of enclosure my pet needs?

Does my budget allow me to afford the proper diet for my pet’s nutrition? Am I willing to handle the types of food my pet would need (even if it is bugs or worms)?

Will I be able to feed my pet on a schedule according to its needs?

If the pet is nocturnal, will I still be willing and able to interact with it after working all day?

Make sure that you take all of these things into consideration before taking home a new pet. Pets are living, breathing creatures that become part of your family. You are making a long-term commitment when you adopt. Please be a responsible pet owner. We care about each and every pet we bring into our stores and we want them to live long and happy lives with you.