Pet Bed

Is your furniture being taken over by your furry pal? Are you spending more time vacuuming hair off your sofa than you are sitting on it? Has your favorite recliner been commandeered by your favorite retriever?

Even if you don’t really mind giving up your “human” space, it’s probably time to get Fido some space of his own. Let’s say you are ready to finally reclaim your living room sofa. You eat dinner, clean up, go for a walk, put the kids to bed. And when at last you’re ready to sit down and chill out for the night to some quality TV time, the entire sofa is being taken up by the family dog.

Rather than focus your exasperation on Fido, try looking at it from Fido’s perspective. Fido knows that as the evening is winding down that you are going to settle into your same routine, with the sofa as your ultimate destination. He wants to be near you, so he plants himself right where he is sure you are going to be, thereby insuring his own comfort and security for the rest of the evening. Take a look around your living room. If you tell Fido to get down, does he have a comfortable place of his own to lie down on? Or are his options limited to cold ceramic tile and hard wood flooring? If the best he can hope for is the relative comfort of a rug, then it can be no wonder that Fido enjoys sitting on the sofa.

A pet bed is an excellent alternative to these uncomfortable choices, and could be just what Fido is looking for. We carry a large assortment of pet beds, including travel beds, beds that fit in crates, and beds that would look great right next to the living room sofa. We have a variety of shapes and sizes available. Come into The Kennel Shop today and speak to a Sales Associate about the best match for you and your favorite Fido.

Perhaps you’ve purchased a bed for Fido in the past that he never used. Or else you have one that he uses but he still ends up sleeping on your bed every night.Good Bed

The answer to this problem is to train and encourage Fido to enjoy and find comfort in his bed. Analyze the environment that the bed is in and look for causes of physical or emotional discomfort. Is the bed too far away from you so that Fido feels isolated and shut out? Is it near a draft or in a cold room? Maybe the bed isn’t comfortable enough. We have a new selection of memory foam beds that Fido is sure to love.

Once you’ve eliminated all possible reasons for Fido not to enjoy his bed, he’ll take to it immediately, right? Well, maybe not. You may have to train, or re-train him to associate lying down on his own bed instead of the sofa with something positive. Treats are a great way to create positive reinforcement and give Fido something to look forward to when you tell him to jump down from the comfy sofa.